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Nemetex Nemeth Back-Translator™

Nemetex Nemeth Back-Translator™ offers an easy way to take Nemeth Braille Math that was typed on an electronic notetaker and print it in plain typeset such that parents, teachers or peers of visually-impaired mathematicians can read it.  Without AccessiSoft's Nemetex Nemeth Back-Translator™, someone, typically a Braille Transcriber, must painstakingly inter-line every piece of math homework, project, paper, or test created in Nemeth. 

The Nemetex Nemeth Back-Translator™  uses a unique process to examine the content, identify it as either Nemeth or normal text, and convert it into LaTeX so it can be read by any standard LaTeX-based editing program, such as TeXnicCenter.  The resulting file could, depending on the LaTeX program in use, then be hard-copy printed in normal printed math or saved to a Portable Document Format (PDF) file for electronic transfer via e-mail or posting/sharing.

View Flow Chart of overall Nemetex back-translation process.

The current edition of the Nemetex Nemeth Back-Translator™ includes all mathematics through Algebra II, Geometry, Trigonometry and pre-Statistics and pre-Calculus, so it will accommodate the math work of students from the elementary to the high school level.  The Nemetex Nemeth Back-Translator™ is Java™-based and is also compatible with the JAWS® for Windows® screen reader (Version 13 and later) so that visually-impaired authors of math can use it by themselves or with the help of a sighted transcriber.

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Sample Output

Click here to view a sample PDF output file.  Image is a cartoon of a young girl with black hair and a red shirt holding a white sheet of paper as if she's ready to turn-in her assignment, all on an orange background.To view a sample of typical final output (.PDF format) after back-translation by Nemetex Nemeth Back-Translatorä  and LaTeX processing by TeXnicCenter, click the image to the left.  You may need to adjust firewall or security settings to successfully view the sample file. 

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Nemetex Nemeth Back-Translatorä  is ready today to streamline your translation workload.  Click here to evaluate a full-functionality 30-day evaluation version of Nemetex Nemeth Back-Translator™.

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If you found the evaluation copy of Nemetex Nemeth Back-Translator™ (Version 2.3.2) met your needs, consider purchasing a full commercial version of Nemetex Nemeth Back-Translator™ by visiting either the purchase a license key via e-mail or purchase a CD via mail page. 














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